Supporting Senior Care

Medication adherence and management are key concerns in senior care, as the COVID-19 pandemic has made evident. In addition to being more vulnerable to illness, seniors may suffer from underlying health conditions, which often requires taking multiple medications in a day. The challenges associated with monitoring medication adherence increases the importance of implementing a solution that facilitates safe and secure access to the correct medication at the correct time.

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Digital Technology Addressing Aging Population Needs

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The AlthaRX dispenser is a health companion designed with seniors in mind. It is an automatic dispensing and remote monitoring solution to support and ease senior care. Medical professionals are able to set a dosing schedule on the AlthaRX portal. The AlthaRX dispenser is able to issue a series of notifications to remind seniors of their upcoming dose. As a biometrically controlled device, medication is kept secure and can only be dispensed to an authorized person. Medical professionals and caregivers are also able to monitor a patient's compliance in real time, receive notifications if a dose is missed or taken late, and may be able to access detailed reports of a patient's medication adherence.

The AlthaRx dispenser makes it easy for seniors to safely and reliably access their medications in a care facility, at home or anywhere. 

Supporting Canada’s Elderly During the COVID-19 Pandemic