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Supporting Senior Care

Remy by Bridge Health is a complete health hub, featuring a secure software platform and a fully integrated, tamper-resistant, biometrically controlled pill dispenser and tracker designed with security and flexibility in mind.

Remy supports independent living and peace of mind for seniors and their support networks through medication adherence and health monitoring. Remy is focused on ease of use for the user.  It uses IoT technology so that it is ‘always-on-always connected’ with no additional technology required.  The flexibility of medication supply (using blisters or pouch packaging) enables users to retain existing pharmacy relationships to minimize behavioural changes.

Remy is a software-designed solution with a fully integrated hardware form factor, enabling cost and time-efficient customization at the institutional and/or individual user level.  This flexibility creates a scalable business model and recurring high-margin revenue stream.  The software-led design can be easily leveraged for additional product development.

Happy Senior Couple

Digital Technology Addressing Aging Population Needs


To differentiate from other smart pill dispensers and medication adherence devices on the market, Remy is designed to be a complete health hub that monitors and reports pertinent health data, incorporates robust security features, and its architectural flexibility enables integration and customization. Remy has several other competitive advantages over other medication adherence devices, in addition to its industry-leading security and flexibility. 


  • Remy accommodates reminding and tracking for pills and other medication modalities (through RFID).

  • Remy tracks environmental variables (such as room temperature).

  • Remy supports and tracks vital readings from Bluetooth-enabled personal health devices.

  • Remy provides customizable medication alerts and supports email and SMS alerts to users and caregivers.

  • Remy supports various security options for medication access depending on the user’s profile.

  • Remy supports intrusion detection.

  • The Remy solution can generate reports of medication adherence and vitals readings. 

  • Remy supports flexible dosing regimens.

  • Remy can support an authorized party to remotely control when the user can access their medication by allowing a dose to be released only when authorized.

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