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Bridge Health Solutions is proud to announce participation in a $5.2 million Consortium Investment to advance hospital level care at home

November 9th, 2022

Vancouver, BC - 3D Bridge Solutions Inc. (operating as Bridge Health Solutions), a provider of secure medication adherence monitoring solution is proud to announce participation in a $5.2 million CAD co-investment initiative from the Digital Supercluster, through Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada to create the Continuous Connected Patient Care (CCPC) digital platform. Continuous remote monitoring of recently discharged patients is expected to improve patient outcomes, make better use of acute care resources and address the challenge of providing affordable, easy-to-use, hospital-grade care at home.

(Full Press Release:

The CCPC platform project, led by Medtronic, in partnership with Providence Health Care’s St. Paul’s Hospital, Providence Health Care Ventures, Simon Fraser University, Cloud Dx, Excelar Technologies and 3D Bridge Solutions Inc., will bring to life our collective goal of ensuring patients can feel safe and supported in the comfort of their own homes.

This novel, medical-grade digital monitoring solution is designed to support safe and effective patient recovery using data analytics, artificial intelligence, and home monitoring technology. The CCPC platform will integrate with existing medical monitors and software systems to ensure a seamless transition and continuous care from “hospital to home”.  Wireless sensors, in combination with a digital platform, provide a flexible way for clinicians to monitor patient vitals, such as pulse rate, blood pressure, temperature, weight as well as medication adherence. Patient health data is securely and seamlessly transmitted to the hospital network, where the clinician can receive relevant patient data from anywhere in the hospital. This continuous remote monitoring solution also enables clinicians to anticipate and identify potential harmful events in real-time and improve patient outcomes.


The CCPC project will initially focus on adults with congestive heart failure (CHF) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), with attention on internal medicine and geriatrics. Through the funding agreement, patients, families, clinicians, and industry partners will collaborate to build, test, evaluate and demonstrate the efficacy of the CCPC platform, as well as gather critical data related to patient healthcare outcomes that will underpin broader commercial deployment in the future.

Gary Mousseau, CTO of Bridge Health Solutions, “This partnership validates the importance of Bridge Health Solution’s medication monitoring solution Remy (formerly AlthaRx).  With additional support from Jones Healthcare Group (, Bridge Health Solutions will deliver an innovative medication adherence platform that prioritizes patient ease of use”.


About Bridge Health Solutions

Bridge Health Solutions (BHS) specializes in developing technologies to address security and compliance monitoring in the healthcare industry. BHS's product offerings support a variety of patient use cases such as medication adherence and vitals tracking for senior care, clinical trials, and complex or high-alert medication management.


BHS products are designed and developed by security experts who helped create the original Blackberry solution and the company has filed a series of patents and provisional patents to protect the developed IP.


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