The Future of Security for Remote Endpoints


Introducing  Altha

A digital medication platform that provides a secure connection between practitioners and patients

  • Remote Prescription Management

  • Secure real-time data connection

  • Biometric, tamper-resistant dispenser


3D Bridge Solutions

We are 3D Bridge Solutions, a team of leading innovators, technologists, and developers who are focused on the problems of today and tomorrow.


Secure technology to keep software and hardware solutions on the right course.

The secure 3D Hub secure technology allows authorized parties to monitor the execution of prescribed directives through real-time data as well as aggregated data that can support compliance verification and predictive analysis.

Patent-pending, AlthaRx is a portable tamper-resistant biometrically controlled hardware dispenser that securely integrates with server software hosted within a healthcare-compliant cloud offering. The patent-pending solution facilitates the controlled dispensing of medications and remote monitoring and safety compliance.  The system can integrate with and leverage data from existing PMS and EMR platforms, provide patient usage information (to authorized parties) and can generate anonymized aggregated data for research and analytical purposes.

3D Bridge Solutions technology supports medication compliance by supporting secure personalized access to medications, providing multiple trackable alerts, and reporting of prescription adherence to patient-authorized parties. The patent-pending solution facilitates the controlled dispensing of medications and remote monitoring to support safety compliance for opioids, opioid-agonist therapies, therapies for patients who are immunocompromised, and who may be vulnerable, including seniors.  It can support seniors trying to avoid contact during a pandemic and nursing homes struggling with drug consumption monitoring during the difficult changes brought upon them by Covid-19.

Protecting High Value Data Files and Assets

3D Bridge Solutions addresses the problem of how to protect high-value assets and the files that control and direct those assets.  Whether these file assets are 3D design or render files or even route information for autonomous vehicles, 3D Bridge can help.


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