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About Us

3D Bridge Solutions specializes in developing technologies designed to address security, rights management, and compliance monitoring. We have filed a series of patents and provisional patents to support our developments. Our first product offering, AlthaRX, is designed to support delivering prescription care and medical endpoints incorporating the ability to provide clinicians and practitioners with real-time applications. Altha’s data sets can generate new insights and help providers apply them to their patients to improve outcomes, experience, and efficiency of care. Our initial focus is on helping to address eldercare during COVID-19.  It is our goal to provide a solution premised on security that creates better outcomes supported by data, improves outcomes for all stakeholders, but most importantly, for the patient.

Our Partners

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Karima Bawa

Chief Executive Officer

An IP and legal expert that has overseen the development of one of the most robust IP portfolios in Canada and has supported organizations in strategically leveraging their IP. Formerly GC and CLO at BlackBerry. Currently a Technical Committee Expert (IP Management Standards Committee (ISO 5050)), a member of the IAC Patent Collective Pilot Project established by the Federal Government, and a member of the Board of Directors for the College of Patent Agents and Trademark Agents.


Gary Mousseau

Chief Technology Officer

Gary is a founding inventor for the BlackBerry solution and is an award-winning innovator (recipient of the Manning Innovation's Principal Award) and a named inventor on several of BlackBerry's key patents. Gary has 637 total patents in 90 families, with 234 still active.  As one of the original architects of the BlackBerry message delivery system, he has expertise in encryption and the secure and efficient delivery of data between different systems. He has significant operational experience and has managed software development teams as a former VP of Software at BlackBerry and at a number of start-ups that he has worked with since leaving BlackBerry.

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