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Your Prescription Companion 
Integrated. Trackable. Prescription Management

Secure cloud-based prescription management which supports patient adherence for all types of medications through the use of connected tamper-resistant devices

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Supporting Senior Care

Medication adherence and management are key concerns in senior care, as the COVID-19 pandemic has made evident. In addition to being more vulnerable to illness, seniors may suffer from underlying health conditions, which often requires taking multiple medications in a day. The challenges associated with monitoring medication adherence increases the importance of implementing a solution that facilitates safe and secure access to the correct medication at the correct time.

The AlthaRx dispenser is a health companion designed with seniors in mind. It is an automatic dispensing and remote monitoring solution to support and ease senior care. Medical professionals are able to set a dosing schedule on the AlthaRx portal. The AlthaRx dispenser is able to issue a series of notifications to remind seniors of their upcoming dose. As a biometrically controlled device, medication is kept secure and can only be dispensed to an authorized person. Medical professionals and caregivers are also able to monitor a patient’s compliance in real time, receive notifications if a dose is missed or taken late, and may be able to access  detailed reports of a patient’s medication adherence.

The AlthaRx dispenser makes it easy for seniors to safely and reliably access their medications in a care facility, at home, or anywhere.

Digital Health Innovation to Support Prescription Adherence

AlthaRx offers a biometrically controlled tamper-resistant dispenser which helps to ensure that high-risk medications are not diverted from the intended patient and are taken in compliance with dosing parameters.

Altha's integration with current health care and pharmacy platforms can provide an end-to-end solution to appropriately support patient needs.

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Advancements in Endpoint Management

AlthaRx uses a strategically designed eSource companion, built to help with patient retention and adherence.

 AlthaRx is an eSource solution designed to support end-to-end security and control.  The solution is always connected and conforms to the patient’s needs - without requiring more of their time and attention.  Biometrically confirmed dispensing supports better adherence and improves accuracy. 

The system can be integrated with and leverage data with existing CTMS platforms providing the eSource companion that all CTMS platforms are lacking.  AlthaRx is not just another electronic form to be filled out or survey to complete. All activity is tracked and logged, and dosage and rule guidance can be adjusted in real-time to accommodate unique patient needs. 

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